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April 2019


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22/02/10, 01:28 pm by AxeBusa

Hi folks,

I'm Ashley, im a Mandurah boy, and have 2 Hayabusa's

** '06 Red/Blk with custom Turbo conversion....

Not going ATM-3 shattered pistons....
but she'll be back up and running soon enough with a 1400cc big bore kit and JE turbo pistons... should be looking at around 260HP at the wheel... a nice street tune.

** '09 K9 Gold/Blk with full Akropovic exhaust and a heap of bling.

Talk to …

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06/03/10, 05:31 am by Bramsy

Hey guys, the new southwestriders website is up and running. Please move over to

Track days

03/03/10, 08:13 am by GenocidE

I would love to do a track day so i was thinking it might be a good idea to get a small gorup of us to book on same day and turn it into a group ride there and back!
All we have to do is pick a date that suits everyone Very Happy

Wheelie Weekend

05/03/10, 01:22 pm by Sh1N3y

Seeing as we all love wheelies. Would you guys be in for a stunt sesh Sh1N3y styles.

Ill see if i can get a few other boys from ASB in too.

Wheelies. Q & A.

19/02/10, 05:42 am by mattpack

Here a couple of vids of us having wheelie practice (on a closed road)Would love to know if someone has a decent camera for vids or stills. I only use my bullet cam off my bike.
Here is the vid of the wheelie bar i made to stop the bike looping. Its a great way to learn how to clutch it up. Im convinced wheelies are 10% ability and 90% confidence.

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How much did you spend on your first bike?

26/02/10, 03:47 pm by Crimson

How much did you spend on your first bike?
and what was it?



26/02/10, 06:57 pm by Crimson

South west riders now have an official YOUTUBE channel.
We can increase the clubs reputation if we film a little bit during organized events (bikini wash wooo)
If im not too busy i could whip up some snazzy video editing and whack it on the channel.

if anyone wants to upload thier own footage to the channel just contact

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26/02/10, 03:48 pm by Jayson

ok so proud finaly did a good wheelie and was the perfect time to do it to.

ok i was coming into medow springs from a long hot ass ride from perth yesterday arvo bike is sitting on around 102 degrees so i get to the lights and there red and im like fuck it i gotta get out infront so i pulled up the lane and pulled in behind a maxicab cause the lights went green. as i did this i saw the cab was …

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New Z :)

23/02/10, 12:47 pm by GenocidE

Free forum : South West Riders - Portal Z1000b001

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